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Grammys weekend was a little disappointing for little Justin Bieber. Of course there was his Saturday Night Live hosting gig, and then his attempts to upstage the award show failed miserably. Now, he's fighting back (with words, at least) against a slight from the drummer of the Black Keys, a band the Grammys treated well, even though they don't really care — and whose fans have a little more actual muscle (if not on social media) than the Beliebers.

Yesterday, TMZ blared the headline "BLACK KEYS DRUMMER: Bieber Doesn't DESERVE Grammys." What followed was one of TMZ's impromptu interviews with the drummer, Patrick Carney, wherein TMZ asked about Bieber's Grammy nomination snub. Why? We really have no idea. "He's rich, right?" Carney asked the person behind the camera. "Grammys are for like music not for money and he's making a lot of money. I don't know. He should be happy, I guess." 

This is a little bit of a random dig, by someone who seems a bit bemused by the whole situation. That said, Bieber took it personally, and took to his Twitter this morning to get, well, a little violent: 

Bieber fans, naturally rabid, are standing by their man: 

Of course Carney does have his supporters. (Even though, if we were them, we would not want to face the digital mob of Beliebers.) 

No one really wins in this situation, right? 

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