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Back in August, the Wire's Rebecca Greenfield predicted an oncoming Greek yogurt backlash. While this hasn't quite happened yet, the knowledge that our world is now inhabited by something being deemed "brogurt" implies perhaps the end of days for this thick, creamy snack. 

Yes, Grub Street today informed us of the existence of "Brogurt."  Simply called "Powerful," the brand promises "a new Greek yogurt specifically suited to address the unique health and nutrition needs of the most neglected consumers in the category: men." Their tagline? "Find Your Inner Abs." Who are these men that eat this brogurt? Why they are gods, based on the pictures featured on Powerful's site: 

Nope, no one turns into John Stamos for these dudes. They simply are John Stamos, only with better digestive systems and a curious desire to be constantly shirtless and hairless. 

Interestingly enough this brogurt seems to have basically the same traits as normal, girly, yogurt except this one gives you the chance to improve sperm quality: 

And the flavors just seem like normal, you know, fruit flavors. So basically it was totally necessary that this yogurt be developed lest men degrade themselves to actually eat a product whose main advertising target seems to be female. (This blog post indicates that women can in fact eat this brogurt too.)

The concept of brogurt has not gone over too well in response to the Grub Street piece: 

The concept of "brogurt" is not entirely new. In fact Conan even featured a commercial for Brozen Brogurt the show's "sponsor." 

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