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In a performance that delivered on promises, Beyoncé gave a rousing Super Bowl halftime show that featured the rumored Destiny's Child reunion, some of her biggest hits, and what appears to be no lip-syncing. There was fire. There was video art. There was no Jay-Z, but there was a gigantic Beyoncé silhouette. Here's our recap:

She opened in silhouette singing a version of "Love on Top":

And then segued into "Crazy in Love" with some of the video art that was all over this performance:

She threw parts of her outfit into the crowd:

And did that famous dance:

She blew a kiss:

That was just one of many fierce faces including this one:

And in the moment everyone had been waiting for, the Destiny's Child reunion, Kelly Rowland flew out of the bottom of the stage:

So did Michelle Williams:

They sang "Bootylicious" and reminded everyone that "Independent Women" was on the soundtrack for the 2000 adaptation Charlie's Angels.

That led into "Single Ladies," which the three sang together at first, but Beyoncé finished on her own:

And she closed out the show with "Halo." According to some on Twitter no football need to be played anymore—a fact that was perhaps proved by the subsequent power outage. Beyoncé won the Super Bowl.

Watch the full performance over at or here:

And then pretend you were there with this Instagram of a backstage moment:

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