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Go Daddy, the domain-name site with a history of provocative and sexist Super Bowl ads, is back at it again, and this year's Super Sunday spot rather graphically features a nerdy (but surprisingly prevalent) young man making out with supermodel Bar Refaeli. You can see (and hear) it all in the commercial released today:

And while the extended kiss certainly has a gross-out factor — at least it did on the Today show, and apparently there will be even more tongue on Sunday — the ad is suddenly drawing attention to the not-so-hot smoocher, actor and extra extraordinaire Jesse Heiman. Chances are even you've probably seen this guy somewhere. Like on this past week's episode of The Mindy Project:

Or on Parks and Recreation

Or on Glee

Or in Spider-Man (the one with Tobey Maguire): 

Or in The Social Network

Alas, Heiman vast work — his IMDb page is extensive — has not gone relatively unnoticed. A YouTube video published in March 2011 deemed him the "World's Greatest Extra":

Subsequently, Heiman was profiled in places like the Daily Mail and The Guardian. So who is this guy? Heiman, according to the Guardian is in his 30s, despite his appearances in high school and college scenes. After graduating from Texas State University of San Marcos in 2000 he moved to Los Angeles to pursue his career. He sees himself as a John Candy type, apparently.

So while the content of the Go Daddy comercial is most certainly up for debate, the content of Heiman's resumé is not. Next up for him: James Franco's adaptation of As I Lay Dying

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