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Twitter is ablaze with word of Toy Story 4 coming to the big screen. The topic is trending and tweets range from excited to confused to One Direction-obsessed. Of course, the "news" seemed a little computer-generated to begin with: There was talk of the movie being "confirmed" for 2015, but nothing was official. BuzzFeed's Adam B. Vary talked to Disney and Pixar, both of which "confirmed" that, yes, this is officially a rumor: 

So where did this all come from? Certainly somewhere south of the border. Yesterday, Bleeding Cool wrote a post: "Toy Story 4 Set For 2015? For Reals? The Colombian Media Seems To Think So," citing a report from the Latin American news site Terra and a tweet from one person who describes himself as "Coordinador entretenimiento RCN La Radio." 

Toy Story 4 also appeared on and the hacking collective Anonymous also tweeted about the film, citing a "new report." 

@UberFact's tweet on the subject has been retweeted upwards of 8,000 times:

Not that Toy Story 4 speculation is new at all — scrolling down mentions of "Toy Story 4" on Twitter you'll find that "Toy Story 4" has been mentioned for months now. In July, Tim Newcomb wrote at Time: "And here’s what we hope we know: based on a year-old comment from Tom Hanks to a BBC reporter, there may—just may—be a Toy Story 4 already in the works." IMDb Pro lists Toy Story 4 under Pixar's "projects in development," but the movie's status is left at "pitch."

While, yes, a new Toy Story might be in the works, everyone needs to calm down for now. 

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