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Every year, there's a shameless Google-grab sweepstakes to answer the age old question: What time does the Super Bowl start? Two years ago, the Huffington Post shocked the world by creating a post that was simply the question in the headline, and a one line answer. It did crazy traffic. So, who won the search-engine optimization game this year? 

Ding ding ding! Guess who. The Huffington Post had their post up a few days ago, and thanks to some helpful tagging and SEO gaming they've won again. Who are some of the other perpetrators? 

TV Guide

They had their post up two days ago. They spruced it up with some information like that Beyonce is performing at halftime and Alicia Keys is singing the national anthem.

They went long with some Super Bowl start time history. 


Those tricksters over at Slate got their post up three days ago and made sure to include the SEO-grabbing question in the headline. But the actual focus of the post? The history of websites trying to game Super Bowl start time SEO. You can't make this stuff up. It's shameless

Not even a single serving website could win the Google game.


They tried to trick you by throwing out Super Bowl red herrings. 

Bleacher Report

They originally forgot to include the start time in their post. 

The L.A. Times

Tsk, tsk, old media. We expect better from you. 

The Sporting News

Even more old media mistakes.

The Awl

Which isn't to say new media isn't chalk full of shameless whores, too. 

Yahoo's Shutdown Corner

When good blogs go bad...


Wait, WHAT?! This is just embarrassing. The league itself would be the worst offender in the bunch if it wasn't for...

The Atlantic Wire

These villains. They included the question in the headline, adding more links than anyone would ever reasonably need to answer a single question and posting it late enough in the day to grab all that late Google News traffic. The jerks at The Atlantic Wire are easily the world's worst offenders. 

Enjoy the game, folks.

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