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Much to the shock of hairdressers everywhere, HBO has released a trailer for Phil Spector, the David Mamet TV movie about the murder case involving the legendary music producer — and with it comes our first (very) full look at Al Pacino's reincarnation. Indeed, perhaps the most shocking part of the clip is the hair.

Of course Spector's wild, unpredictable wigs were their own story during the trial, which eventually saw Spector convicted of second-degree murder. But how does Pacino wear them? Very well — and quite frequently, it seems. Here are various hairstyles that appear in the trailer. (Note: not all of them are worn in trial scenes). 

Now compare that to these Associated Press photos throughout the trial: 

Here's the full trailer, which also features Helen Mirren in a questionable American accent as defense attorney Linda Kenny Baden. The film debuts March 24:

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