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What's one great thing about 30 Rock ending? Well, we finally figured out that Princeton has a sense of humor. Today, in advance of the series finale, the Princeton Alumni Weekly gave Jack Donaghy his own real-ish yearbook page:

Alec Baldwin often invokes his character's alma mater as a punch line, like this one, courtesy of Vulture's "Jack Donaghy Insult Generator":

And, as the alumni magazine's Brett Tomlinson notes for the record, its fake native son turned NBC executive had quite the college career to back up the bragging:

We’ve learned, for instance, that he recorded every word in the English language for a linguistics project and played Maria in an all-male production of West Side Story. He shrugged off an infestation of bedbugs on the grounds that such things don’t happen to Princeton grads. When experiencing great success in his career, he yearned for a trip to Reunions, in hopes of showing up the first lady.

The folks at Princeton seem to have turned most of Baldwin's on-air Princeton references into a kind of faux yearbook page roundup, complete with that time he played Maria in an all-male production of West Side Story. Donaghy, it should be noted, is fond of singing:

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