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Death, naturally, is party of a television show called The Walking Dead, but just how much death? Well, Richard Johnson and Andrew Barr of the National Post decided to get all mathematical about the whole thing and put together a visual and statistical compendium of just how many zombies have died over the course of the show's three seasons (AMC just aired the midseason finale of the third). Johnson and Barr found "noteworthy" facts, like the "gradual increase in the body count, the increasingly creative means of zombie dispatch, and the fact that every character seems to have developed a clear enjoyment for putting the ambulatory cadavers down for good."

This is reflected in the graphics they came up with, which include a skull shaped chronological list of dead zombies and another chronological list of the zombies that have been killed — plus the name of the character that killed them, the weapon used, the whole deal. The infographic also includes the amount of kills per season per weapon, and a compendium of the kills per season from the top ten "still breathing" zombie killers: 

Compare and contrast these with the Breaking Bad "periodic table of death." Click through to see them all

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