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This is the type of tool that will be fun for music lovers, diehard Stones fans, and amateur historians alike: maps of Rolling Stones tours starting with their first tour in 1963, which covered just Britain, and running through 2005's A Bigger Bang tour, which was one of the biggest world tours in music history. The maps come from CartoDB and make use of Wikipedia data to track where the Stones have travelled, and just how huge they've become. As you scroll through the tours you see how the band branched out. For instance, they don't leave the U.K. until 1965, when they broaden their reach to Irish, European, and American tours. That year they even make it to the "Far East," which included stops in Singapore, Australia, and New Zealand. Each map also notes the distance traveled. In all, almost 1,000,000 kilometers. We suggest taking in their tours for yourself, and dreaming about what each stop might have been like if you were there. The select 50th anniversary dates come stateside this week. 

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