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Get all your horse-dancing out before midnight, because PSY will be "ending" his ubiquitous earworm "Gangnam Style" before the ball drops. It just got "too popular," he told MTV News, stating the obvious. PSY says that his appearance on tonight's Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve will feature his final performance of the song, retiring one of 2012's biggest and most unexpected pop phenomenons. 

At this point, listeners who can't go anywhere without hearing the goofy anthem might be as over "Gangnam Style" as its creator himself. But looking back on the year in "Gangnam Style," it's crazy to think about all the dents it made in pop culture, politics, and online media since being uploaded to YouTube in mid-July. It brought a boom in business to the semiconductor company owned by PSY's dad. It convinced Chinese politicians and Chinese dissidents alike to ride a pretend horse by hopping around and making silly hand gestures. It may have led to a British man's death. It broke through North and South Korea's normally impenetrable border. It dethroned Justin Bieber's "Baby" as the most watched YouTube video ever. It raised questions about PSY's attitude towards Americans, after some controversial lyrics were unearthed from an obscure performance he gave way back in 2004. And — for which we'll remain eternally grateful — it gave us this

Even though PSY himself admits the song has over-saturated the airwaves, isn't that enough to get you nostalgic for "Gangnam Style" already? If so, go ahead and give it another view. The video already has over 1 billion views, so what's one more? 

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