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After months of leaking out information in a mysterious marketing campaign, would-be Hobbit director Guillermo del Toro has finally put his monsters front and center in the new trailer for Pacific Rim. Though the preview is being compared to Robot Jox vs. Godzilla and a meld of Transformers and Cloverfield, it's generating mostly positive xcitement on Twitter. The story looks to go something like this: big monsters attacks, big robot fighters are built to fight said monsters. Simple enough. 

Amid all the splashing water and inspirational speeches, the trailer also features an inside joke for fans of the video game Portal: it features the voice of Ellen McLain, who voices the game's villain, the computer GLaDOS.

We now have a little more clarity when it comes to the movie's clue-ridden viral marketing effort: the Pacific Rim buildup has employed a Pan Pacific Defense Corps web site, which teased designs for the aforementioned big robots (Jaegers) and included videos of breaking news of the monster (Kaiju) attacks. 

As the Internet gets psyched for this movie and The Hobbit gets some not-so-nice reviews we're guessing del Toro, who pulled out of directing the Tolkien classic, is pretty content with his life choices. 

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