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NBC executives are running out of ways to make you like Matt Lauer again. After falling on their swords for their $25 million man multiple times and repeatedly telling us that he had nothing to do with Ann Curry's firing — and complaining about her defenders coming for Lauer's head —  those same executives are now rumored to be orchestrating a not so subtle lunch between the two former Today show couchmates. 

"Network execs are encouraging the duo to do lunch — preferably at media hotspot Michael’s in midtown — and make a public display of patching things up," the New York Daily News claims today. The idea being: if people see Matt Lauer and Ann Curry smiling at each other over some food at a fancy restaurant next to other important people, then maybe the everyday viewing public will stop what TMZ reports as an onslaught of hecklers on the street making Lauer feel "miserable."  That or just get the beef squashed before Curry gets that rumored job at CNN from her old Today show boss Jeff Zucker.

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