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Seinfeld has never left our pop culture lexicon. Just recently we've seen it referenced in the presidential race and in Game of Thrones parodies. But what would the seminal "show about nothing" be like if its characters could use cell phones or Facebook? The @SeinfeldToday Twitter account, which popped up Sunday evening, ventures to propose of-the-moment plots for a modern Seinfeld. For example:  

The man behind the account, BuzzFeed's sports editor Jack Moore, started tweeting out scenarios with his friend, comedian Josh Gondelman, and then decided that the joke merited its own account. Moore is a Seinfeld fanatic himself: "I'm pretty much constantly watching episodes in the background while I'm doing anything," he told us in an email. "I have a thumb drive with the whole series on it that I keep in my bag pretty much all the time." 

So far, the modern-day episode summaries ring true, despite warnings from Gawker last year that classic episodes wouldn't have worked if the characters just had the use of newfangled technology. "It would be different but not as different as everyone acts like," Moore wrote to us. "People always say that 'if they had cell phones Seinfeld couldn't exist,' which is true for a certain type of Seinfeld episode, but not as a general rule (which I think the account shows)." 

The account makes it obvious that Internet apps and 2012 trends would create the same awkward situations that Seinfeld thrived on. For example: 

We kind of really want to see some of these made, actually. Reunion special? 

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