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The nominations for the Screen Actors Guild Awards came out this morning, and while there were a lot of familiar names (did you really think that Daniel Day-Lewis wouldn't be on the list?) there were also some notable exceptions. While Silver Linings PlaybookLincoln, and Les Misérables saw multiple performances honored, the cast of Zero Dark Thirty, which has been the subject of much controversy and many accolades, was shut out of the Best Ensemble category, only scoring a nomination for Jessica Chastain. Paul Thomas Anderson's The Master was also largely ignored, save for Philip Seymour Hoffman's performance as a cult leader. And file these under the surprise category: the old and delightfully British cast of The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel was honored with a Best Ensemble nomination, while Javier Bardem's creepy Bond villain scored a nomination in the Best Supporting Actor race.

Also: Why is Beasts of the Southern Wild nowhere to be found? Because it was ruled ineligible for not meeting the union's terms. The two lead actors had never worked professionally before appearing in the film. And just remember these are awards for actors given out by actors. That said, Rebecca Keegan of the Los Angeles Times has pointed out that "the SAG Awards are a significant Oscar bellwether because actors are the largest single voting bloc within the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences." 

The television nominations are full of familiar faces from shows like 30 Rock, Modern Family, Breaking Bad, Mad Men, and Homeland

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