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Kayne West interrupted his Atlantic City show on Sunday night to announce to the crowd that his celebrity superstar power couple girlfriend, Kim Kardashian, is pregnant. West, who was performing an "intimate" concert for 5,000 fans at the Revel Resort and Casino, briefly stopped the music to point out Kardashian in the crowd and said, "Can we make some noise for my baby mama?" 

Naturally, Twitter was up in arms over the whole affair. There are no fewer than 15 fake Twitter accounts for the baby already, and there was absolutely no shortage of "clever" takes on the "Kimye" offspring:

However, please make note of some of the more obvious themes before tweeting your own jokes this morning. Actually, they're pretty much all taken, so don't even bother.

As for the happy family, Kim and Kanye's Twitter account were silent, but her sisters did offer their congratulations.

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