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No one is sure how or why Kanye dressed like an abominable snowman last night in Atlantic City. Seriously, Kanye dressed in an all-white costume complete with scary mask last night for his show at Revel in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Complex, Oh No They Didn't, and Consequence of Sound are all struggling to explain why Kanye dressed the way he did. It's not offensive or anything. Like most of Kanye's style decisions, it's just weird. The man has entered the zone where nothing he wears can surprise us anymore. His latest bloggable meme outfit was a leather skirt he wore for the December 12 Hurricane Sandy benefit

All we know is that if anyone can pull off an abominable snowman get up and still be taken seriously, it's Kanye. It doesn't make any sense, but only he can do it. Because nothing about Kanye makes sense anymore. 

This is what his snowman costume looked like: 

At one point he switched up his headgear for a diamond encrusted Mexican wrestler's mask. At least, that's the best way we can describe it (seen here via Alex Pappademas): 

And just to get a full profile of how ridiculous Kanye's snowman mask is, this Consequence of Sound picture shows how extensive the whole thing is: 

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