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There's still a lot unknown about the Justice League movie (aka The Avengers for DC Comics). First of all: who's going to star in it as Batman? (Probably not Joseph Gordon-Levitt, but who knows?) Second of all: who's going to direct it? (Probably not Ben Affleck.) But the one thing we might finally know is the basic outline of its story. Latino Review reports today that screenwriter Will Beall, who has penned episodes of Castle and Gangster Squad, is getting his inspiration from three specific 1980 issues of the title: Justice League of American 183-185. The story spanning those issues involves the Darkseid, already rumored to be the villain in the film, trying to destroy the Earth and replace it with his Apokolips. Latino Review's El Mayimbe writes: "Sounds like some Armageddonesque end of the Earth as we know it kind of stakes fit for summer tentpole event film if you ask me." Over at Badass Digest Devin Faraci wonders if using these stories, which also involved the Justice Society of America, could be Beall's attempt at "solving the problem of multiple superheroes by having them live on different Earths." Faraci continues: "This way the post-Nolan Batman films can maintain their own tone while Warner Bros tries to go bigger with other franchises."

Of course, this movie is not set for release until 2015, and the Latino Review only attributes their knowledge of the plot to "sources" so this could be all wild speculation, but considering this purports to be a gigantic blockbuster a little speculation is always welcome. Especially after yesterday's strange Man of Steel trailer.

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