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Welcome to the Box Office Report where we're watching dreck like Red Dawn until the prestige pictures get here. 

1. Skyfall (Sony): $11 million in 3,401 theaters [Week 5]

Wait, what? Skyfall, you're drunk. You're not supposed to be on the top of the box office. How did you get here? Well, it might have something to do with latest Gerard Butler smirk-fest bombing completely. Playing for Keeps didn't even make enough to pass Life of Pi. But Skyfall! Oh, lovely Mr. Bond's flick had a big week overseas, and especially in the U.K. to make it Sony Pictures' highest grossing movie ever. That means it topped all three original Spider-Man movies and whatever else the Sony top five looks like. 

2. Rise of the Guardians (Paramount): $10.5 million in 3,639 theaters [Week 3]

And here in second, of course, is Twili-- wait, what? Is this The Twilight Zone or something? Rise of the Guardians found a way to beat Twilight 5: Baby Wars, somehow. This is another classic example of the animated kids movie having a longer-than-average shelf life just because it's the only thing parents can rush their kids into while they do errands, or, in this case, complete their holiday shopping. 

3. The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 (Summit): $9.2 million in 3,643 theaters [Week 4]

It also helps that we're in that weird limbo part of the year where a lot of the big Oscar-bait movies like Les Mis or Anna Karenina are only available in limited release right now. So, sorry small town people. Stop sobbing. You'll get to see the big movies like the real, cultured people who live in big important cities soon enough. 

4. Lincoln (Buena Vista): $9.1 million in 2,014 theaters [Week 4]

Lincoln is also still haunting theaters. 

5. Life of Pi (Fox): $8.3 million in 2,948 theaters [Week 3] 

Seriously, the newest movie in this week's top five is three weeks old. On an unrelated note, maybe Life of Pi(e) reboot will do better when they make it take place in the filling of a strawberry pie instead of an ocean. Think an episode of the Magic School Bus, but with tigers and philosophy. People in Colorado and Washington would go crazy for it. 

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