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That horrible, awful, no good ear worm that won't go away, PSY's "Gangnam Style," has officially claimed its first victim, The Telegraph reports. If you thought last week's whole kill-the-American-troops PSY controversy was bad, well, actual death by Gangman dance is worse.

A 46-year-old aged British man collapsed at a Christmas party over the weekend, complaining of chest pain after performing the song's very active, ride-'em cowboy dance. Eamonn Kilbride (pictured above at left) was eventually rushed to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead on arrival. The family was told by doctors that the cause of death was "acute heart failure."

So you might want to take it easy on the dance floor at your office Christmas party this year. The Telegraph even got a real cardiology professor to advise against busting out your best moves. "The chance that you'll come to grief is very small," the cardiologist said. "But as with any form of untypical exercise that you're not used to taking, be somewhat measured. Let the lady dance around you." Basically, don't dance too hard unless you hit the gym regularly. Your old heart can't take it anymore, the doctor says: "I certainly wouldn't say that people need to avoid Gangnam Style over the holidays. [But] if you're unused to taking vigorous physical exercise, you shouldn't throw yourself into violent exertion without due preparation."

It's truly sad news, but maybe this will help usher "Gangnam Style" into the sports-stadiums-only phase of its demise, otherwise known as the "Cotton Eye Joe" period.

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