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Aerosmith have been bickering a lot lately, and guitarist Joe Perry suspects their new album might be their last. Does this mean the self-described Greatest American Rock Band is about to go on a permanent vacation? In an interview with AOL's heavy metal site Noisecreep, Perry says that their latest offering, Music From Another Dimension, might not get a follow-up:

...we knew we had another record in us, despite what many said, and I make no bones about it, I don't know if we're gonna make another record.

The aging rockers have always been quarrelsome, and Perry says there's been plenty of infighting lately. "We had a meeting yesterday over a video, it got really heated," he says, assuring fans (we're sure they still have a few) that everything's still cool for the moment. "[We] went down to look at Steven's motorcycle. All was fine. Then it was like, what are you doing tonight?" See? They still admire each others' vehicles, so it can't be that dire. However, Perry got quite nostalgic during the interview, wistfully recalling the band's formation: 

I can picture that jam back in Sunapee back in 1969 with Steven. Just us. Then a few months ago, there we were, the same exact thing – amazing. This album had a lot of throw back moments like that.

Could Perry be in such a reflective mood because the band is coming to an end? Firm statements on Aerosmith's future haven't come out yet, and its worth noting that this isn't the first time they've flirted with implosion. Remember when Steven Tyler sort of quit the band three years ago? Tyler has yet to scream an all-caps response to Perry's quotes on Twitter. 

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