[Action star Jeremy Renner was an appealing and funny (if not especially versatile) host, mostly portraying versions of characters he's played in the past (including Hawkeye, in the obligatory Avengers sketch). In the monologue, he unveiled a surprisingly good singing voice, and unflappably navigated a temporary sound problem. The show took on the Petraeus scandal, with Cecily Strong portraying both Paula Broadwell (in the cold open, set at Washington D.C.'s Politics & Prose bookstore) and Jill Kelley in a later sketch. Adam Levine and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie made cameos. Musical guest Maroon 5 performed "One More Night" and "Daylight."]

Some highlights...

Chris Christie (in his trademark fleece) drops by Weekend Update, gets tough with Seth Meyers, and quotes "famous New Jersey Poet, 'Saint' Bruce Springsteen."

For the backstory on Christie's Springsteen obsession, see: "The Governor and the Boss—a Tale of Politics, Rock & Roll, and Unrequited Love," by Jeffrey Goldberg

Digital Short—Jeremy Renner, Taran Killam, and Bobby Moynihan's three-way, six-gun standoff lasts through dance class, Thanksgiving dinner, and an unexpected run-in with Adam Levine.

Seth Meyers presents a new installment of Winners & Losers (Petraeus scandal edition). "Losers: people trying to have affairs in the digital age. In the '60s, if you could just keep the lipstick off your collar, you could have three families..."

Also see: Wolf Blitzer (Jason Sudeikis) makes the most of The Situation Room's Jill Kelley-leaving-her-house-and getting-into-her-car footage. ("Now here's the same clip, played in reverse...")

Digital short—this year, take an exotic holiday vacation to the house you grew up in. ("Unwind in front of the deepest TV ever sold; pamper yourself with scratchy, bleach-stained towels from 1994...")

Jeremy Renner has some trouble identifying his brother at the morgue. (With Jason Sudeikis as the detective, Bill Hader as the coroner, and Taran Killam as the corpse.)

Also: Comedian Katt Williams (a spot-on Jay Pharoah) drops by Weekend Update to explain his recent series of meltdowns; The Avengers—aliens are attacking New York City, and Thor needs a scrunchie; Cool Drones—an animated short, brought to you by the Department of Defense.

NEXT, on December 8: Jamie Foxx, with musical guest Ne-Yo.

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