[True to form, Anne Hathaway went all out—singing, showcasing some strong impressions, and throwing herself into the physical comedy—in what nonetheless proved a shaky episode, surprisingly short on political material given the week's events. Musical guest Rihanna performed "Diamonds" and "Stay."]

Cold open—post-election party at the Romney manse: a disappointed Mitt drowns his sorrows in milk, mixes up his sons (all played by Taran Killam), and throws Karl Rove (Bobby Moynihan) off the balcony. (With Kate McKinnon as Ann Romney).

SNL does Homeland, with Anne Hathaway as a spot-on Carrie Mathison/Claire Danes, Taran Killam as Brody, Nasim Pedrad as daughter Jessica, Bill Hader as Saul, and Kenan Thompson as David Estes.

Drunk Uncle (Bobby Moynihan) drops by Weekend Update to discuss the election. ("I want my country back, country back, country back...")

Taran Killam does "the Sloppy Swish" in The Legend of Mokiki, a bizarre, Andy Samberg-esque digital short.

The monologue—the SNL cast offers its own take on "One More Day" from Les Misérables, about their day off.

Also: President Obama (Jay Pharoah) drops by Weekend Update to gloat over his Tuesday night win ("Mitt, the election was yours to lose. I even gave you a one-debate head start..."); Flaritin, the medicine for people with fake allergies...; The making of "American Gothic"—a look back at the portrait session that produced Grant Wood's classic painting (with Anne Hathaway and Jason Sudeikis as Wood's zany models); and Anne Hathaway reprises her Katie Holmes impression as a guest on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, with Kate McKinnon as Ellen, Kenan Thompson as DJ Tony, and Nasim Pedrad and Vanessa Bayer as child rapper sensations Sophia Grace and Rosie (not currently online).

NEXT, on November 17: Jeremy Renner, with musical guest Maroon 5.

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