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Today in show business news: FX renews its successful horror anthology for another season, a big wedding is planned on 30 Rock, and a surprising Friday Night Lights alum wins MVP.

FX has announced that its Ryan Murphy/Brad Falchuk horror anthology American Horror Story, currently gunking around a 1960s mental facility in its second iteration, will be returning for a third go-around sometime next year. So that's good news for fans of kooky queers and other frights. Even better news is that Jessica Lange will continue with the series, no doubt playing some kind of crazy woman. It's what she does best! But, actually, wouldn't it be kind of interesting if she was the victim next time? Like the "Hello? Is anybody there?" one instead of the creep lurking in the shadows with a dress on? I think that could be quite something. And where should the third installment be set? They've done haunted house, they're doing aliens/institution right now (though, no spoilers please, I'm behind), so hmhh. Creepy small town with a secret? J-horror in some anonymous city? Could be anything. The horror world is their horror oyster, really. In the meantime, if series staple Evan Peters wants any help brainstorming for his next character, he's welcome to come over. We've got some really intense ideas. [Entertainment Weekly]

Aw, Liz Lemon is getting married. Tina Fey's perpetually loveless, sexless character on 30 Rock will be tying the knot with her beau Criss Chross on the November 29 episode. Criss is played by the hunky James Marsden, so Lemon certainly could have done a lot worse. Now we're just waiting for Kenneth to finally come out of the closet and we'll be ready for the series finale. I mean, it's bound to happen, right? Just look at him. [Vulture]

Well well well. Of all the people on Friday Night Lights, who would have guessed that good ol' Landry would be the one to really make it? Not Taylor Kitsch, not Zach Gillford, not even really Kyle Chandler. Nope, it's Jesse Plemons whose career is flourishing right now. He had a key role in Paul Thomas Anderson's The Master, he's guested on Breaking Bad, and now he's just been cast in the HBO pilot The Missionary. That's the Cold War thriller starring Benjamin Walker. Plemons will be playing "Sherwood Elbridge, a young Coca-Cola executive who helps smuggle defectors out of the Eastern Bloc," which sounds like a fun part, and a good role for him. So, well done, Landry. We, of course, weep for Adrianne Palicki and all the potential that could have been had Lone Star not bombed and Wonder Woman not gotten in the way, but we are at least happy for Mr. Plemons. [Deadline]

Starz is adding to the cast of Black Sails, its pirates drama, like honest to goodness old-timey pirates, and they are really reaching for the stars, acting-wise. They've just landed a guy who played a dumb hunk on Shameless and a girl from the now defunct The Secret Circle. So that is quite something. Ah well. I mean, it's a Treasure Island prequel on Starz. What did we expect, Cate Blanchett as Long John Silver? Not gonna happen. Not on Starz and, regrettably, probably not anywhere. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Katherine Heigl, Will Arnett, and Brendan Fraser have all joined the voice cast of an upcoming animated movie called The Nut Job, which, as you can imagine, is about a squirrel. Specifically, a squirrel who, with the help of his rat friend, stages a heist on a nut store. Right, because there are so many "nut stores" in the world. Anyway, the point is that these celebrities have joined the cast, but that doesn't mean it's a big deal. The movie is "a co-production between Canada-based ToonBox Entertainment and Korea-based Redrover Co, Ltd.," which, ya know, ain't saying much. It's not going to be Pixar, basically. But can it be Foodfight!? That remains to be seen. [Deadline]

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