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From the storied, sun-bleached tract of asphalt known as Hollywoodland comes the latest tale of a lowly assistant working her way into the big leagues. Only, she didn't do it by sucking up to the boss or, y'know, working real hard. No, instead she started a Tumblr making fun of her job (and her boss) and was promptly rewarded with a television show. Well, that's the story being spun, anyway.

The legend goes: Back in May, an assistant at super-agency CAA named Lauren Bachelis started a Tumblr called #hollywoodassistants, on which she expressed one-line gripes about work followed by a pop culture-related animated GIF. "How my boss feels about himself" is followed by a GIF of James Franco kissing himself, etc. It's all pretty silly, and honestly the mostly toothless gripes don't sound all that talent agency specific. It possesses enough vague showbiz intrigue to pass a few minutes on a boring work afternoon, but that's about it. But! Because of the site's proximity to the La La Land where dreams are made, Bachelis has suddenly found herself with a TV show based on the blog.

But really, of course, a TV show didn't just fall into her lap. She'd worked in the industry for several years and left CAA to take a job as New Girl creator Liz Meriwether's assistant. While on New Girl, Bachelis was working on a pilot called 20-Nothings, which is about "five over-educated 20-nothings living in Los Angeles who do whatever it takes to achieve their Hollywood dreams," according to Deadline. A week after leaving New Girl she got a deal with CBS, presumably based on her connections in the industry, not necessarily on her blog. Even if CBS did want the show because of the Tumblr, Bachelis and everyone else should probably play that fact down. She's got enough of a standard Hollywood career track that there's no need to gimmick-ize her success by associating it with some kinda lame blog.

I mean, is there any evidence that people want a show based on micro-blogging anyway? Remember the $h*! My Dad Says debacle? There was a single-service Twitter account that got expanded into a somewhat hyped William Shatner sitcom only to quickly fizzle out on air. Because it didn't really make sense. #hollywoodassistants is a bit broader in scope, so it could have a little more room to breathe, but creating an entire television show based on single-line jokes seems like a bit of a leap, and audiences know that.  So it's odd that the site has become some agent-approved talking point, when all anyone would have to say to get a story is " A former assistant sold a show to CBS." That's a good enough yarn without dragging a GIF-based Tumblr into the mix. Don't let them sell you short, Lauren.

That the blog did get slapped onto the nascent project as something of a label means we could be in for still more of these "Hey it was on the Internet, now it's on the TV" type shows. So I guess if you want a TV show, be sure to create a Twitter or Tumblr account making fun of the job you currently have just in case your agent thinks you need a little marketing oompf. A show about the once-glamorous, now-fading magazine industry? Oh, you know, it's based on that Conde Elevator thing. (How much you want to bet that, somewhere in the darkest bowels of Tinseltown, that's already happened?) Tie a cheapo blog to the script you've slaved away on and the old studio suits will have you sitting in the nice chairs signing a deal in no time! But it certainly doesn't mean people will watch the damn show.

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