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The President was going to spoil MTV's biggest party of the year on Thursday night, so they're just going to start and finish an hour earlier than they usually do instead of going head-to-head against him. That's not very rock n' roll, guys. 

The MTV Video Music Awards is always the biggest event of the year for the channel. It's one of the only times they actually still pretend to care about music. Big things happen every year. Britney did that famous snake performance in 2002. Kanye interrupted Taylor Swift (and birthed a thousand memes) in 2009. Gaga wore a meat dress once and Madonna kissed two girls. All that important stuff happened at the V.M.A.s. Someone at MTV noticed their party was going to conflict with the President's nomination so they moved the start and end time ahead by an hour. 

Noted Republican and self-proclaimed Romney supporter Nick Minaj was announced as a V.M.A. performer today, but unfortunately we won't be getting a potential head-to-head match up. It will be interesting to see if she mentions the Romney line while on stage. She's performing with Lil Wayne,  whose mixtape the Romney line featured on, but they were rapping over someone else's beat. Get your popcorn ready? 

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