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Fine, we get it: Even this year's big swimming breakout celeb Ryan Lochte pees in the pool, you guys. This week Slate made a big splash (sorry) by featuring former USA Swimming national team member Carly Geehr confirming the rumor that constantly seems to plague us every Olympics year: Yes, competitive swimmers often just pee in the pool, and no, they don't often do so while racing. "As a swimmer, you just have to accept that you're swimming in pee," she wrote. Just to be sure about all this, Ryan Seacrest put the question to Lochte. (Seacrest!) Lochte confirmed that he doesn't pee while racing, "but I sure did in warmup" adding, "I think there's just something about getting into chlorine water that you just automatically go."

Let us all fervently hope that this chlorine = uncontrolled urination theory does not bear out across the wider population. 

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