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These are either the best ads ever, or completely off target. Old Navy just released an ad campaign with old 90210 characters and we think they're kind of amazing. Jennie Garth, Luke Perry, Jason Priestly and Gabrielle Carteris are all subtly playing their old Beverly Hills, 90210 characters as part of Old Navy's new bring-back-old-TV-characters-from-the-90s campaign. In Old Navy's alternate ad reality, everyone on 90210 became school teachers and nothing on the show ever got resolved. Kelly (Garth) is still choosing between Brandon (Priestly) and Dylan (Perry), and Andrea (Carteris) still wants Brandon. Maybe Brenda's the school's guidance councillor. Anyway, the relationships have stayed the same, but they all know each other's real names now. It's a strange, pastel colored Old-Navyian universe they live in. But at least Kelly Jennie, whatever, only paid $10 for those mom jeans. 

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