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The cast of Jersey Shore put out a PSA with MTV and Funny or Die to get the young'uns to the ballot box in this election, and we'll admit it, we're charmed by the Jersey-Shore-cast-is-super-informed schtick (something they explored for Funny or Die in the past). In what may be the best celebrity endorsement of a political magazine since Tom Selleck called The National Review "a very funny magazine" back in the day, the sketch begins with Snooki reading an issue of Mother Jones and asking her crew of self-professed meatballs who they're voting for in November. (Snooki, as we already know, is for Obama, though she's also a fan of Newt Gingrich's "sexy wife.") 

Contacted by The Atlantic Wire, Clara Jeffrey, co-editor of Mother Jones, says of her magazine's prominent readership: "What is there to say but Lolz, go #gymtanvote! A cover plugged by both Moyers and Co and Jersey Shore. #winning." (So excited are they, that the staff appears to be scrambling to somehow declare this victory in .gif format.)

Anyway, have a look.

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