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You thought we were finally done with it, but of course someone is reviving everyone's favorite performing arts high school drama. Also today, Batman is defeated by Spider-Man for once, and Minnie Driver heads off to the horrors of theater camp.

First Fame was a movie. Then it was a TV show. Then it was a movie again. And now it's going to be, well, a TV show again. Yes, there are plans afoot to do a new version of the teens-at-a-performing-arts-school series, plans orchestrated by reality TV mogul Nigel Lythgoe. Probably because, of course, there is that thing Glee that is in theory still popular, so people want some of that for themselves. The new show being called a "reimagining," which just means that because it's 2012 there will be hip-hop dancers and pop singers instead of, I dunno, modern jazz or whatever. Which is fine. The most interesting people are the musical theater ones, and because of Glee, they won't get rid of them, so whoever else is there is mostly incidental. Of course this show will, no matter what, be completely annoying, there is no avoiding that, but at least there will be musical theater kids. Who are, as we know, the world's greatest and worst people, all at once. [Deadline]

Well, well, well. How do you say "Suck it, Batman" in Mandarin? Because that's just what Batman's gonna have to do now that The Amazing Spider-Man beat The Dark Knight Rises, $5.5 million to $4.5, when both films opened in China yesterday. How about that, huh? Sure The Dark Knight Rises will still win the global box office race by a pretty significant margin, but any kind of victory over the Batman is a boon for Spidey and friends. Guess the Chinese like their superhero movies fun 'n' sexy instead of pompous and dreary! Now we can't wait to see what happens when Joyful Noise and Pitch Perfect open against each other over there. Which kinds of choir do the Chinese like more??? These battles are the reason anyone gets into moviemaking in the first place. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Speaking of musicals, it's just that kind of a day, and speaking of Glee, it's just that kind of a hell we live in, Minnie Driver has just signed on to appear in a musical film that's essentially a mashup of Glee and Scream. A horror musical with a snarky bent, in other words. In other terrible words. Well, though, OK, this actually doesn't sound that bad: "Stage Fright tells the story of a snobby musical theater camp terrorized by a blood-thirsty masked killer who despises musical theatre." And Minnie Driver, who really can sing, is playing some mysterious Broadway star. Plus Meatloaf is in it. And the oldest son from Big Love, who's in a band in real life, apparently. So... Could be interesting? Most likely it'll be some junkheap that goes straight to On Demand or Netflix Instant or whatever (what terms and technologies we have in this new era!) but there is a possibility that it will be at least good in a bad way. Just as long as it's not, like, Scary Movie-level parody. It would need to be more sophisticated than that. That said, if they wanted to throw in some simulacra of Artie, Finn, Rachel and the rest of the gang from Glee and straight-up murder them, you wouldn't hear us complaining. Anyway, we are admittedly curious about this movie. And hey, it can't be any worse than Eating Out: Drama Camp, can it? (Don't look that up at work.) [Deadline]

Here is a new trailer for The Master. And while it is very intriguing and hints that Amy Adams' character might in some ways be the real villain, which would be a very interesting departure for her, I don't think we should get too, too excited. We are all getting a bit too worked up about this movie and that could be a problem. This is beginning to feel, well, a bit cultish. So let's be a bit more reserved, eh? A bit less slavish. We will all politely go see this movie when it is out and then we will return to our regular lives without incident. That is the rational way to proceed here.

And here is a first clip of the upcoming Perks of Being a Wallflower movie. It doesn't show us much, but we get to see Ezra Miller play gay (again) and hear a tiny snippet of Emma Watson's American accent. Still doesn't tell us if this movie is going to blow chunks or not, which we're kinda worried it will. The likelihood of chunk-blowing seems high with this one, alas. Anyway, watch away.

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