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Welcome to another Box Office Report where we're wondering if Sylvester Stallone uses his senior's discount when he takes his kids to see The Expendables 2

1. The Expendables 2 (Lionsgate): $28.7 million in 3,316 theaters

Sylvester Stallone's party posse are back, with some new friends, for more punching, shooting, exploding and laughing awkwardly at each other's jokes. They're all best friends! It's like a retirement home for action stars, and there's the young nurse, Liam Hemsworth, giving them all sponge baths. He cringes as Dolph Lundgren calls him over for another thorough scrubbing. 

2. The Bourne Legacy (Universal): $17 million in 3,753 theaters [Week 2]

Jeremy Renner built that

3. ParaNorman (Focus): $14 million in 3,429 theaters

This is an animate kids movie about a boy who can speak to the dead and save his town from a zombie attack, and somehow Tim Burton isn't involved. Debating if this is progress or a step in the wrong direction. 

4. The Campaign (Warner Bros.): $13.4 million in 3,255 theaters [Week 2]

The middle of August is the worst part of campaign season, and it's making us wonder if The Campaign is a drama based on real events, or a brilliant satire? We don't know. August, man. August. 

5. Sparkle (TriStar): $12 million in 2,244 theaters

6. The Dark Knight Rises (Warner Bros.): $11.4 million in 3,157 theatres [Week 5]

Whitney Houston's last act was knocking Batman out of the top five. This'll be the last time the Dark Knight appears in this space. Once TKDR started to nose dive there was no stopping it.

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