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McKayla Maroney is the best. There, we said it. Now everyone can breathe easier. We were all waiting for someone to get that out of the way. The McKayla Maroney Is Not Impressed meme is the best joke to come out of the Olympics so far, and one of the most adaptable memes in a long time. You can use it on anything, like a post about the Mars rover, as we proved the other day. Yes, she didn't win gold on the vault like everyone thought she was going to. But providing us with so many jokes after the fact more than makes up for it. 

She's been in on the joke for a minute, too. She's following her own parody Twitter account, but today she took it a step further. She's been trying to have a swimming race against teammate Aly Raisman, but when you're in the Olympics and you're a tourist in London it can be hard to find the time. Until today, when the girls tried to go to a pool but it was closed. They were not impressed. 

Also, before you get any ideas, SB Nation already photoshopped McKayla being not impressed onto the picture of McKayla being not impressed. Our memes are falling in on themselves. 

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