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Rosie Larsen was finally able to rest in peace after The Killing's second season finale, and for a moment it seemed like the show had met its maker, too. AMC cancelled it, but Fox Television Studios decided to shop it around, and now we know who's in the market. Television garbage dumps Netflix and DirecTV are both reportedly in talks to pick up The Killing for a third season, according to TV Line's Michael Ausiello. Neither would comment on the rumor, of course, but they both have a history of collecting other networks' table scraps. Netflix is doing the Arrested Development reunion, and they flirted with picking up The River and Terra Nova. DirecTV kept Damages alive after FX cancelled, and we will forever be in DirecTV's debt for keeping Friday Night Lights alive beyond the show's shaky second season. Our Richard Lawson came around to The Killing (sort-of) by the end of the second season, so maybe there's still something left in The Killing's tank. 

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