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The Olympics are a confusing time for everyone with all the obscure sports like dressage, swimming, and gymnastics. It can be especially bad for the copy editors who have to keep track of the obscure terms that come with each sport. Obscure terms like the "breaststroke." 

The picture above was tweeted by the Wall Street Journal's Jason Gay on Thursday evening from inside the Olympics swimming media center, and we agree with his assessment . As the sign says, the proper term is "breaststroke," and not the barbaric sounding "breastroke." We're not sure what roke-ing is, but it doesn't sound like something we'd want done to our breast. 

Gay's WSJ colleague Carl Bialik pointed out that the sign was put up for a reason. Running a Google News search brings up plenty of perpetrators. Some from reputable news sources! We checked to see if "breastroke" was a British alternative spelling. You know, those finnicky Brits and their extra Us. Their rumours and tonnes and whatnot. But no! It's not an alternate spelling, just a common mistake. No one is perfect during these confusing, wet times. Copy editors, you've been put on notice. Stop tweeting band names and pay attention to your breaststrokes.

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