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After Fiat saleswoman Jennifer Lopez announced that she would not be returning as a judge on American Idol next season (likely disappointed that she didn't win) the world, the entire world, got to wondering: What will she do next? Well, we don't have an answer yet. In fact, the mystery has grown even deeper. Lopez has just left her agency, UTA, after four years. Well, she'd been with UTA before, they helped secure her excellent, star-making, still-her-best-work roles in Selena and Out of Sight, but then she left them, only to rejoin in 2008. And now she's out again, perhaps dissatisfied that her movie career reboot has not gone so well. We're talking The Back-Up Plan and What to Expect When You're Expecting, is what we're talking. So what could be next for La Lopes? She's already been with most of the big agencies, so to whom will she return? And to what end? We're hoping that she took a look at her Wedding Planner costar Matthew McConaughey's recent career reinvention and said "Mama like." We hope her vision board has been completely stripped of music albums, reality shows, Fiat sales numbers, and everything, and all that's on there is a picture of an Oscar. Who knows if she has what it takes to make it as a serious actress (remember An Unfinished Life? Yikes. Or Bordertown? Yikes x 100), but we'd be fascinated to see her try. Hook her up with Steven Soderbergh again, unknown new agency! That was so good last time. You know, Karen Sisco has more adventures in the Elmore Lenoard universe, so, it could happen. It could. Whatever this change is about, let's hope this doesn't mean more bad dance music. Let's just hope it at least doesn't mean that. [Deadline]

VH1 has yanked its upcoming reality show Ev & Ocho after star Evelyn Lozada accused her husband and costar, Chad Johnson/Ochocinco, an NFL player, of head butting her during an argument. There were 11 episodes taped, but now they will likely never see the light of day. So, oh well. At least there wasn't a murder/suicide this time? [The New York Times]

Speaking of murder, violence fan Jodie Foster (she really likes violent movies!) has signed on to direct and produce a new drama show for Showtime called Angie's Body. When asked why she chose the project, Foster said, "I mean, have you seen it? Whenever I see her at awards shows in those slinky dresses it's just like... [indecipherable gurgling noises]." Foster was then informed that the show was not about Angelina Jolie's body and actually about a tough lady mob boss and she said, "Oh, OK. That sounds good too. As long as there's shooting." Foster won't star in the project it doesn't seem, and she is eager to begin the casting process. "So many bodies..." she said before collapsing onto the floor and drooling onto the carpet while saying "Hubba hubba" over and over and over again. [Deadline]

Newly hairdo'd Miley Cyrus will soon be guest starring on America's TV version of a bathroom read, Two and a Half Men. She'll be playing a potential love interest for the half-man on the series, Tyrion Lannister Jake Harper. That's that kid played by Angus T. Beefburger, who has gotten horrifically old throughout the series. Like, that kid used to be a little butterball of a toddler practically. Now he's an elongated man-person! It's terrifying. Anyway, here's a funny line from the article about this: "Cyrus' character is said to be a sexy new girl in town with a comedic streak." Ha. It's never the comedic new girl with the sexy streak, is it? It really never is. (And no, Zooey Deschanel does not count.) [The Hollywood Reporter]

Aw nuts. Kristin Chenoweth has pulled out of filming additional episodes of The Good Wife after suffering an injury on set. She's filmed one episode, but was supposed to be in four, but now that one will have to do. She claims she's still recovering, but honestly? If a piece of scaffolding fell on my damn head while shooting something I probably wouldn't want to go back to that set either. Whatever the reason, it's disappointing. Ah well, at least now she'll have more time to figure out which character on The Newsroom is supposed to be her. [TV Line]

Meanwhile, Chenoweth's Promises Promises costar Sean Hayes has signed on as a recurring cast member on Smash. He will play an actor starring in a musical version of Les Liaisons Dangereuses who becomes "a major thorn in the side for Ivy" and other characters. So... that'll be interesting. And, hey, it kind of spoils the fact that Ivy doesn't die after she ate all those pills in the season finale. Unless part of this season takes place in purgatory or something, like on Lost. (Spoiler alert? Oh who cares, you dodged a bullet.) Whatever the case is, this could be interesting? Mildly? I mean, Grace and Jack, together again? Stayin' with the NBC family? Eh, who knows. It's Smash. What can you really do with Smash? [Deadline]

From the geniuses who brought you Ringer (that was that "Sarah Michelle Gellar Has Two Faces" show from last season), comes a new thing on NBC. Well, it's in development, anyway. The network has ordered a script from the Ringer writing duo that will be a "sexy gothic thriller set in New Orleans that's described as being rich with tradition, superstition and murder." Oh. Great. So... it's True Blood. Maybe without vampires, but still True Blood. On NBC. "People don't really watch True Blood for the sex and gore anyway, do they?" - NBC. Good thinking, guys. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul has been cast in the latest movie adaptation of a Nick Hornby novel. This one is Long Way Down, about four people who plan to commit suicide but meet each other unexpectedly on a rooftop and form a bond. Paul will play a sad pizza delivery man, alongside Pierce Brosnan as a sad TV talk show host, Toni Collette as a sad mom, and Juno Temple as a sad teen. Sounds sad! But also funny, like Nick Hornby's stories often are. [Deadline]

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