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Ann Curry visited her old morning frenemies for the first time since her ouster from the Today Show in June when she paid a visit to Today's set in London to introduce this riveting piece on ... okay, who cares? The word is that she still hates Matt Lauer. "Curry's banter with Lauer seemed polite but distant. Lauer said 'nice to see you' at the outset and 'good to see you' at the end. Curry returned neither sentiment," The Associated Press reported, doing its best Us Weekly impersonation.

If you look at the video of their encounter below, you'll see she can barely make eye contact (this is us doing our Us Weekly impersonation) with Lauer when she says "good morning" (which is basically a throwaway phrase in Curry-speak). If you haven't been following the anthropological study of Curry-Lauer relations closely, the running narrative is that Curry holds resentment for her $25 million-per-year co-host for not standing up for her when NBC executives gave her the boot (reportedly for its saggy ratings, though Curry has told Ladies Home Journal her bosses also hated her perky outfits). Well, she's been absolutely chilly to him which is apparently a no-no for morning people like the happy mutants you'll find on Today, and that's partly why we all of a sudden care about this whole mess. Of course, if NBC were smart, they'd actually warn us about Curry's upcoming appearances, and we could all set our DVRs for ensuing awkwardness of smiley, jerkish Lauer and chilly Curry instead of letting it be lost during the show's second hour. It can't hurt the ratings, right?


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