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NBC might have learned something from the horribly stupid way they handled Ann Curry's Today Show departure. When there are reports one of your personalities is going to get fired, immediately deny it, even if there's some truth to it. Deny. Deny. Deny.

The Daily reported on Monday that NBC's Meet the Press host David Gregory could be out of a job if rating slip any more than they already have. "The only reason he’s still there is they don’t have an obvious replacement," a source told them. Meet the Press is still the number one rated Sunday talk show, but its lead has fallen and CBS's Face the Nation is getting more of the coveted 25-54 demographic. 

And so, NBC did the right thing this time by denying the report immediately. "The rumors recklessly reported by The Daily are categorically untrue," they said in a statement. Hey, a vote of confidence! That'll make it less painfully awkward whenever Gregory shows up for work on Sunday and sees Jake Tapper, a favorite to replace him according to the Daily, being fitted for a new suit and adjusting the studio chair to his liking. Slimming ratings leads are what did in Curry, so there's no reason it couldn't spell the same fate for Gregory. 

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