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TMZ is reporting that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, currently America's most famous divorcing couple, have reached a settlement. Holmes' lawyer tells the site, "This case has been settled and the agreement has been signed."

There's no word on the terms and details of the settlement — custody, sweet, sweet moola, etc. — and it's likely we'll never learn them. That a settlement was reached so quickly (the divorce was announced a little over a week ago) comes as something of a surprise, as marital splits that involve Cruise's beloved Church of Scientology are typically very difficult affairs, and Holmes was apparently causing problems for Cruise from the day she filed. But, no, it took only a short time to settle the matter and now everyone can move on. In theory, anyway.

When Nicole Kidman divorced Tom Cruise in 2001, she all but lost the two children the couple adopted together, according to some reports. What arrangement might Cruise and Holmes, who requested sole custody of daughter Suri, have struck? Unfortunately we'll probably have to wait for paparazzi photos to find out if Cruise is seeing much of his daughter. But really none of us should be waiting for that. That's a terrible thing to be waiting for. Let's just imagine that everyone's satisfied and it's all a nice compromise and the kid will be raised well and be happy. Totally reasonable to hope for that, right?

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