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Today we hear about actors feuding over professional problems. Can they ever resolve it? Also, there's some troubling news about Prince William and his wife that needs discussing, as well an ambitious Bachelorette to deal with.

"Tatum's film has extra beef," reads Page Six's lovely headline about known meat entity Channing Tatum clashing with his Magical Michael costar Alex Pettyfer. Apparently the two seriously don't get along and had a real fight on set that soured everything permanently. Yup, they totally threw their beef at each other, all oiled-up and angry in their stripper policeman uniforms. The feud has extended past the shoot, as Tatum refused to appear on a magazine cover with the young Brit, and Pettyfer told Suzy during third period that he was super mad at Channing and then Suzy told Janey who told Lulu who told Constance who told Mariah who told Zipporah and then it got back to Channing by seventh period and he was all "Whaaat? As if." It's not good, guys. It's seriously not good. [Page Six]

While those two are having their greased-up stripper fight, Andrew Garfield and Robert Pattinson are having a more dignified, far more British feud of their own. Reportedly the two just don't like each other, as they often compete for roles even though Garfield thinks that Pattinson is a total cheeseball because of the Twilight films. The thing about that is that I'm sure Pattinson agrees! I'm not sure anyone hates those movies more than Robert Pattinson. Sure the paychecks are good, but that's about it. So cool down, Garfield. Just cool down. You two shouldn't be fighting. You both seem likable and smart, so just quash this thing already, huh? Just kiss and makeup already. Mmhm. Just kiss and... Just kiss. Just... kiss. [Us Weekly]

Teutonic robot angel Heidi Klum is apparently rip-roaring mad at her ex-hubby Seal, because he was reported to have had some kind of giggling sexfest with two chippies in an Australia hotel while the kids were asleep in the next room. He was then seen partying on a yacht with a model over the Fourth of July, while Heidi was spending time with the little ones on Shelter Island. When confronted about his escapades, Seal reportedly shrugged his shoulders and said "We're never gonna survive unless we get a little crazy." And then Heidi said "You're out!" and Seal said "There is so much a man can tell you, so much he can say," and Heidi barked "Designuhz!" and then Seal bounced a ball on his nose and Heidi shot a Luger pistol into the air and it went on like that for some time. [Page Six]

This is from yesterday but it is absolutely necessary to talk about. There is a rumor afoot that his grace Prince William of Englandshire and his party supply heiress bride Katherine of Middleton have not had royal relations in some four months. As in he hasn't put his scepter into her vault in nearly half a year. Because he's busy with work or something. Shrieeeek! Someone call the friar, you know the one, the one who counsels on such delicate matters. Or, hell, someone call Harry. He'll know what to do. "Four months???" he'll sputter. "Bleedin' 'ell Willie, me nuts would fall off!" And William will look sheepishly at the floor and say, "I've been rather busy..." and Harry will looked stunned again and say "Too busy to get lewd with that right bird over there? For f-cks sake, Pippa and I 'ave done it three times since I got 'ere!" And then there will be a giggle and Pippa will run by in a bedsheet and Harry will laugh and say "There's a good lass" and William will clear his throat and shift awkwardly. [Hollywood Life]

Jennifer Lopez is being very coy about whether or not she'll return to American Idol next season, even though all outside reports indicate that she's done with the show. She says she might come back, she might not, but for the moment she's focusing on her tour with Enrique Iglesias. Well, girl, you'd better get on it, because Idol auditions tend to be in the late summer, and it's July 12th already (how the hell did that happen?) so you're running out of summer. And, let's be honest, is a tour with Enrique Iglesias really all that important? I mean... it' s just a tour with Enrique Iglesias. Just take the $12 million and do the damn show, J.Lo. You've got nothing better to do. [TMZ]

If J.Lo doesn't take it, current Bachelorette star Emily Maynard will definitely take the gig. It seems she's become quite fame hungry since her time in the reality show spotlight, and is eagerly pursuing TV hosting gigs. Which is really a beautiful ambition, isn't it? "What do you want to be when you grow up? A teacher? A veterinarian? An astronaut?" "I want to be a host on TV." "You mean like a newscaster?" "No, just a host. Like for shows about entertainment and stuff." "Aha." America, huh? [Us Weekly]

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