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Stephen Colbert waded into the conversation around Anne-Marie Slaughter's Atlantic cover story about "Why Women Still Can't Have It All" by inviting her onto The Colbert Report on Monday night. Slaughter's much-discussed story on work-family balance for successful women incited a debate about what "it" really is. Colbert asked Slaughter, "Why can't you have 'it'? It's a choice. Do you have free will? Have 'it'." Slaughter responded with arguments from her piece, pointing out  that the women balancing work-family the best are either "superhuman (they don't sleep), rich (they have help around the clock), or self-employed." And in response to Slaughter's defense that women are still taking on most of the work at home? Colbert responds: "Don't do that. I don't!" Ultimately, Colbert acknowledges Slaughter must be a good mother by pulling out the magazine and showing a picture of Slaughter with her two sons: "Neither of them look like they want to be in the picture. That means you've raised two normal boys."


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