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Saturday Night Live head writer and "Weekend Update" anchor Seth Meyers might be permanently filling Regis Philbin's old seat opposite Kelly Ripa on Live!, if a current report is to be believed. Meyers, who has guest-hosted the show several times, is apparently on a somewhat odd shortlist alongside former NFLer Michael Strahan and singer Josh Groban. So, if Meyers were to take the gig, would it be a good idea? Yes and no.

For the show it would be great. Producers would be wise to hire someone like Meyers, who could hip-up what can be a mighty musty affair on its worse days. Sharp, cute, and a hero to the youngs, Meyers could help bring in a new, more enthusiastic audience. Obviously Live! chiefly feeds off of the blue hairs, so it couldn't become The Daily Show or anything — Meyers would have to tone down the snark a little, for sure — but a breath of fresh, crisp air could be just what the doctor ordered to keep the show at least slightly relevant. "Cool" or any of its synonyms are not words that would ever be used to describe Live!, but maybe they could be, with the right cohost. Nothing wrong with a modern update, which Meyers would most certainly be.

But for Meyers himself? The deal might not be so good. He's got industry respect right now, which a cushy Live! gig could tarnish. Sure he'd be shunned all the way to the bank, but really is money all that matters? Doesn't cred count for something? He might earn some accolades if he managed to make Live! something close to relevant again, but really we think he'd be better off with his own show. He's the head writer on SNL and one of its most consistent on-camera faces! There's got to be another show deal out there for him, one that would ensure him a little more creative leeway and a lot more respect. Unless you have some grand plan to really make the show your own, we say don't do it, Seth.

And anyway, does Ripa really need a cohost? She seems pretty able on her own. It could be fun to have a constantly rotating panel of conversation partners. How consistent does it need to be? And, hey, does this news mean that beloved NY1 anchor Pat Kiernan is out of the running? If so, that's the real troubling news here. What gives, Gelman?

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