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The comment we liked on Dashiell Bennett's reporting of the amazing San Diego fireworks debacle wasn't one of the many, many premature ejaculation jokeslame budget comparisons, or echoes of "dude that would have been so cool." Sure, it would have been cool, but remember this was actually a mistake. For sheer uniqueness we liked the commenter who pointed out that some people actually saw the screw-up as, well, a screw-up.

Take commenter Borgcube for example:

I had 30 people over to watch it from our condo right in front of this thing, it's always a good show.
Yeah, it was impressive, but a dud at the same time. I assure you people were ticked. We saw people arriving six or seven hours early for the show, fighting the traffic, standing in line forever to get on the Carrier Midway, etc. All of my friends and family were demanding a refund. lol

Oh right, those guys: People actually hoping for a long choreographed fireworks show. Some might have been ticked but they're outnumbered, at least on our site. Presumably they'll get a traditional show next year, along with a break in the crowds from the folks who swore never to return.

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