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The rumors you've heard are true. Ryan Seacrest has confirmed via Twitter, because that's how people do things now, that Jennifer Lopez will not be returning to Fox's mega-hit signing show, American Idol.  Here's the Seacrest tweet: 

And here's some audio of Seacrest's interview with Lopez, confirming her departure so that she can focus on her tour with Enrique Iglesias. "I really was dreading this phone call with you," Lopez said. "The time has come that I have to get back to doing the other things that I do..."

Lopez had a great run on Idol, and it's totally a success since we aren't talking about that totally embarrassing Louboutins song anymore. Lopez's departure comes right after Stephen Tyler announced he'd be leaving, too. Of course, that leaves Randy Jackson as the lone judge left and proves it isn't just contestants who use the show to boost their music careers. 

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