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It's not every day the Make-A-Wish foundation gets a request to meet a fictional demon summoned to earth by Nazis, but one little boy's strange wish came true thanks to actor Ron Perlman. The Hollywood Reporter pointed us to Spectral Motion's Facebook page, where they have a gallery of Perlman hanging out with a boy named Zachary while completely done up as the character, Hellboy. Hellboy was a Dark Horse Comics hero during the 1990s, and was turned into two live action movies directed by Guillermo Del Toro in 2004 and 2008. (The first movie is forgettable, but the sequel is definitely worth checking out.) Anyway, Perlman loved the idea and agreed to meet Zachary. The pictures are hilarious, if only because Perlman is an absolute beast of a man, and the contrast of him dressed as a demon beside an elated six-year-old is high comedy: 

This is Zachary after he "became" Hellboy: 

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