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If New Yorkers seem particularly jittery over the summer, it's for good reason: they are drinking a lot of iced-coffee. The New York Post reports that, according to market-research company StudyLogic, New Yorkers spent about $31 million on iced-coffee drinks in the summer of 2011, and that amount is expected to go up this year. StudyLogic, according to the Post, also believes "New Yorkers drink an average of 300,000 cups of iced coffee per day in the summer." 

We decided to do some math, and figured that 300,000 Grandes at Starbucks clocking in at 16 ounces a cup would equal 37,500 gallons of iced coffee. That's 1,162,500 gallons a month, which would be more than an Olympic-size swimming pool worth of iced coffee. Drink up, city dwellers. At least it's not soda


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