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We're going to go against the grain here and say we were disappointed with the new teaser for Skyfall, the new James Bond movie coming out in the fall, that debuted during the Olympics last night. 

This is the second Skyfall promotional video, and it has less about the movie than the first one did. This one barely reveals anything new in its scant 30 seconds. Most of the clips were used in the longer trailer released in May. The only new footage we really noticed was the clip of Bond landing in a train car after its roof is torn off by an excavator. Hey, it's a set piece we're excited to see eventually, but we wanted to learn a little more about the movie. 

Maybe we're spoiled by the reveal-everything-but-the-final-frame-of-act-three trailer strategy that's so popular right now, but we wanted more about the plot. (Note: we normally hate reveal-everything trailers but we're making an exception here, because Bond.) The last trailer didn't tell us much besides Bond gets a psychological review. All we know is that someone leaks information about MI6, and Bond has to track them down, but information he learns along the way makes him question his relationship with M. Rumors are that Quantum, the Spectre-esque criminal organization from the last two Bond flicks, is returning. We'll forgive the Bond producers for everything if they make Javier Bardem the new Blofeld. 

That's enough complaining. Here are two gifs of James Bond and the Queen's corgis from last night's opening ceremony: 

That last one is our favorite. 

(GIFs via GIFs from Last Night, and SB Nation)

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