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There's a spectre haunting ABC, or something. We called this yesterday. The kids on Modern Family are expected to start their own contract dispute on Monday and demand more money, just like their parents did, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Matthew Belloni reports the toddlers are going to start renegotiating their contracts with the studio on Monday, but things are expected to go a lot easier than they did with the adults. They're even going to behave and show up for work while they're negotiating. Hmm, it's almost like they're not acting like a bunch of bratty kids. 

Everything's expected to be fine with these negotiations. The kids are all going to stick together and demand equal pay, except for Sarah Hyland, the girl who plays oldest daughter Haley, and Aubrey Anderson-Emmons, the girl who plays Lily. Hyland had a resume before Modern Family, and therefore gets paid more. Anderson-Emmons is five, and she just started, so she gets paid less. The other three, though, are all in this together. 

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