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Jimmy Kimmel had a hilarious segment Tuesday night during which celebrities read aloud from cruel tweets written about them, but if the morning-after reactions of those whose rude missives were featured are any indication, the cruel celebrity-haters of the internet cannot be shamed. The purpose of Kimmel's exercise, other than to entertain, was to wonder at the way internet anonymity enables people to say absurdly cruel things to others that they might never say in person. But what about now that these mean tweeters are sort-of famous? Did they change their tunes? Let's check in. (A warning that the Tweets featured were aired on late-night TV so they are often profane, as are the responses.)

Katy Perry read Gordon McCabe's (@The_McCabe) comment that, "I'd rather chop my arm off & [bleep] myself with my detached limb than watch 'Katie Perry the movie' what the [bleep] is wrong with the world?" On Wednesday, McCabe was pretty proud of the attention, changing his default photo to an image of Perry reading the tweet and has spiritedly engaged with her army of fans who have flamed him on Twitter. He's unapologetic, tweeting to followers:

Larry King read @aimeenancygrace's comment: "Did you know that if you skinned Larry King & ironed out his leather, you could make enough coats to give 1 to every poor child in America?" Wednesday, @aimeenancygrace responds:

David Spade read Sam Carroll's (@DJSammyC_NSM) concise tweet: "F--- David Spade." Carroll tweets Wednesday:

Jersey Shore's Snooki read a tweet from a person that goes by @f--ckingjennifer (our hyphens): "If you climbed inside Snooki's vagina, it would probably be like the [bleeping] Pacific Ocean." Yowza. Today that user responds

Justin Bieber read @meemoza1's tweet: "Dear God, give us 2pac back, and we'll give you Justin Bieber." The singer's notoriously defensive fans have flamed this user, and this is now what shows up at the account:

A few others haven't responded to the segment yet, but among those that have, very few seem concerned that a celebrity has read their vitriol. So if Kimmel hoped his segment might inspire some internet civility in addition to making us laugh, he seems to have failed. (He did make us laugh though!)

Here's the segment if you want to watch the celebrities give it their best dramatic reading:

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