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At long last we have a full-length, somewhat expository trailer for Paul Thomas Anderson's hotly anticipated next feature, The Master. That's the movie that's kinda sorta about Scientology and that we've had teased twice before in mysterious, elusive fashion. But now with this new trailer, we know more things, actual concrete things, and are even more intrigued.

The best, most exciting thing about this trailer is that we get to see Amy Adams as the wife of Philip Seymour Hoffman's cult leader. It appears that she might be some sort of Lady Macbeth-ian villain, which is a departure for the usually soft and dewy Adams. Anderson tends to get terrific performances from even the most surprising of actors — look at what he did with Burt Reynolds and Adam Sandler, for example — so someone of Adams' innate ability ought to go zooming away into another plane of acting existence. Same for Hoffman and costar Joaquin Phoenix, who has finally returned to actual acting after a few years wandering around off the reservation. It's also nice to see Friday Night Lights' Jesse Plemons, here offering some chilling words of wisdom about his father the cult leader. All told, we can't wait.

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