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Bookies are placing the early money on Mariah Carey in the Idol judging sweepstakes. Also today: Sylvester Stallone's son, Sage Moonblood Stallone, was found dead from an apparent overdose, and George R.R. Martin likes to talk about sex, baby.

With Jennifer Lopez leaving American Idol to devote her full attention to making Fiat ads, there are now two holes to fill on the judging panel. Apparently one of those holes could be filled by Mariah Carey. The singer is in "serious talks" with Idol to become the new judge. In terms of, you know, actual vocal talent Carey would be a huge step up from J-Lo. But doesn't she seem like the kind of judge who'd be a little too nurturing? Couldn't you see her bringing cookies for everyone to the auditions? She has kids now! She's going to be "the nice one." [People]

This is really sad. Police found Sylvester Stallone's son, Sage Moonblood Stallone, dead in his Hollywood apartment on Friday. He was only 36. Friends asked police to go for a "welfare check" after they had failed to contact him. His attorney told the New York Post Stallone "was in good spirits, and working on all kinds of projects," and that he was planning on getting married. One source told the Post his movie production company recently faced financial hardships, but Sage refused to go to his father for help. Sage was Sylvester's first son with his first wife, Sasha Czack. Pills were found at the scene leading to a suspicion of an overdose being the cause of death, but it's not yet known if the death was an accident or a suicide. [NY Post; Page 6]

Things got weird at the Game of Thrones Comic-Con panel. Series author George R.R. Martin was the moderator and he kept making awkward references to boobs and sex scenes. Everyone was uncomfortable. It started when he cracked a joke about the Saturday Night Live sketch that riffed on the show's nudity, but got weird when he started listing the characters Alfie Allen's Theon has slept with, and wondered why Allen's never thanked him for it. "Have I even gotten a box of chocolates? What’s it like doing all those sex scenes?" Allen played it off, saying he wanted to get in shape for it anyway." A fan asked Allen what his favorite scene was and Allen said it was the speech he gave right before being knocked out. "So you liked getting hit in the back of the head very hard more than naked sex scenes?" Martin asked. Cool it, scary sex man! But there's more. When a fan asked about costumes helping the actors get into character, Martin seized the opportunity to complain that Daenerys’ Quarthian gown was altered for the show to cover both breasts when in the book she has one of her breasts on display. We're going to go and wash our hands. While we do that, George R.R. Martin should take a cold shower. [Vulture]

This is some of the strangest casting we've ever heard of. Joel McHale, the fast talking pretty one whose contract on Community says he must take of his shirt at least 7.8 times per season, is going to have a multi-episode arc in Sons of Anarchy's fifth season. According to TV Line, McHale will be Warren, "a handsome con man who picks the wrong person to double-cross." So, what, he's going to be Sawyer from Lost? Was Josh Holloway really that busy? [TV Line; THR]

Apparently everyone at Comic-Con is horny. The very first fan question during the panel for Resident Evil: Retribution was about sex. Specifically, sex with Michelle Rodriguez. More specifically, it was the fan asking Michelle Rodriguez if she'd have sex with him. Gross! "Big fan of your work. You're a heavenly blessed beauty, I just had to throw that in," started the man dressed as Buzz Lightyear. "In terms of the Resident Evil series, would you ever consider having sex with me?" How that relates to Michelle Rodriguez boning Buzz Lightyear in some disgusting, cross-universe fan-fiction is beyond us. And he didn't even ask her for dinner first! Some space ranger this guy is. Rodriguez responded with a story of finding a crazy man in her backyard "doing something I can't even mention in public." Fortunately, she had a gun in one hand (gifted to ehr by Samuel L. Jackson, natch) and a sword in the other. "He looked just like you!" [Vulture]

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